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Learn Quran Online: Learning the Quran through the Internet is the result of technology, through which students of the Noble Quran can learn to read the Quran, the relevant Arabic and Tajweed course, and the Quran Pak on the Internet.
It is as effective as learning face to face to Learn Quran Online for Adults. The classroom environment consists of an audio call and a shared screen that leads to an interactive session to learn the Quran directly with an educational session.

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We’ve Best Certified Quranic Teachers!

In particular, children and adults, both men and women, can start to Learn Quran Online Free and how to read the Quran Learn Online. Certified teachers of the Quran and teachers of the Quran give lectures and a guide on the rules of intonation, teach the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters and apply all the rules of intonation.
In the end, you and your children can also read the Holy Quran with the appropriate intonation and recitation with Tarteel. We have teachers from the Quran from the United States, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia who speak English, Urdu and Arabic.
Our courses memorize the Quran, Learn to Read Quran Online fluently with intonation, basic intonation, understand the Quran and the daily Islamic call on the Internet.

Beginners can Easily Start Learning

Learning the Quran word by word is only possible by learning the basics of the Arabic language and also the Arabic alphabet. First, you will learn the correct sounds and pronunciation of each letter.
By moving from one word to another once you have completed the 28 Arabic alphabets, you can learn and pronounce words in Arabic. The teacher will help you do the exercises of the relevant lessons in each of the successive lessons and will advance to learn the word of the Quran word for word. It is very simple like any language, you need to learn letters and then words that lead to the sentences of that language.

Learn Quran Online: Children are much better at keeping new information than adults, so we suggest enrolling them in the online Quran memorization courses as possible, preferably at the age of five.
The best place to start learning the Quran is livequranforkids. The best time to learn something is at an early age, with the teachings that remain in the child’s mind, just as the stone carving remains indefinitely.

Free Trial For Yourself

At livequranforkids, we have many years of experience teaching the Quran online with dedication. The intention to seek the cause of God. We offer a free trial session online at any time. Sign up to receive Skype lessons for the best Quran Institute online.

The lessons of the Quran are available to all because of:

  • We employ Quran online teachers for Learn Quran Online Skype who speak a variety of languages.
  • We offer online lessons to make it accessible to students around the world.
  • We offer free trials so you can try our services before leaving with money.
  • We have experience teaching students at all levels of understanding.
  • If you are looking for a Quran teacher online, either for yourself or for your children, you do not need to search for Live Quran for kids.

Start Taking your First Class with Us!

Livequranforkids is a humble effort to build online Quran tuition by Livequranforkids Ltd. The company is registered in Pakistan. Livequranforkids has become a brand name in Online Quran Tutoring for Quran and Tajweed.
Students around the globe are Learn the Quran Online with us and are spreading the word about us. We have the best teachers to learn Quran. The Quran classes are conducted in  USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Belgium, Spain and UAE.

Learn Quran Online- Do you remember? the first time that you learned such a wonderful thing as a child? Maybe you can’t wait to tell everyone at home and even tell your classmates. Or perhaps it was when you memorized the first surah of the Quran. I remember reading this everywhere in the house so I don’t forget.

There is something about learning and understanding something for the first time. For many people, they can’t wait to share this new knowledge. This attitude of teaching what you know with passion is especially good when you are learning the Quran, for some important reasons that I share below:

1. Online Quran Teaching Reward

Teachers get paid to Learn to Read Quran Online Free, teachers get paid to teach us new skills, but when you teach the Quran to someone else, you get more rewards than any currency in this world.
The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “The best among you (Muslims) are those who Learn to recite Quran Online Free.” (Bukhari)
Teaching the Qur’an is a way to get many rewards. As a teacher of knowledge, you are the reason why someone else understands the words of God Almighty, and if he wants, you will get a reward for sharing your knowledge of the Quran with other people.

3. Online Quran Teaching reinforces what you know

Sometimes it may not be about new knowledge, but rather it’s about us to reinforce what we already know. Imagine that you have memorized a chapter of the Quran and that you teach it to your children. The more you teach them, the more you will read it again and again for yourself, which helps you review what you have learned.
The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Keep reading the Qur’an, because, from who in my life, the Qur’an (the forgotten) escapes faster than the beauty that is released from their bound ropes.” (Bukhari)
This is why you see “supplication” (the people who call to Islam) and you are surprised and inspired by the amount of the Qur’an and hadith that they can remember from memory.
Maybe they memorized these words like me and me, but because they spend their days and nights teaching people about Islam, they keep reading and reciting, and this helps them keep what they know.

Why choose our academy for your children?

The lessons of Islam can give us guidance, happiness and a sense of fulfilment and clarity, but they can also lead us on the right path. By encouraging your Learn to Read Quran Online for Kids using Tarteel and Tajweed, you can feel confident that the words of Almighty God will remain etched in their minds and hearts forever, which means they will never be alone, regardless of what It means life.

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Who Can Learn Quran?

We provide Quranic education for children and adults, men and women, and even a child of 4 and a half years or 70 or older can learn the Quran. The online teachers of the Quran are accredited for the education of children and adults. Let’s learn the Quran online in the comfort of your home according to your own schedule.

The lessons of the Quran are interesting and effective!

Modern technology has given us a new and powerful way to teach verses and lessons from the Qur’an to the students of Islam throughout the world.
Currently, online Quran teachers help students in approximately 70 countries, and online Quran classes for children with a real focus on intonation are just one of our specialities.
We can teach the Quran, intonation, Arabic language and the preservation of students for students of all ages, and because of the many benefits associated with learning a child does not mean that it is too late to start adopting biblical teachings.

Online Quran Teaching

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to achieve the blessings and happiness of Almighty God by delivering his message to humanity to Muslims, converted Muslims and all religions. Our vision is to provide knowledge of Islamic teachings with their essence.
Most importantly, our main goal is to teach the Holy Quran on the Internet with the rules applied in the science of Tajweed. We want and love to see our students as a model of Islam and a good example of a man in his community.
Our goal is to introduce the theory of Islam by providing and teaching Islamic studies for our children, women and adults.

Some other ways to teach the Quran:

After understanding the reasons why we transfer our knowledge of the Quran to others, the following question may arise: “How do I teach the Quran?” As we are honest, not everyone will become advocates or teachers. In the local Arab school.

For the rest of us who may not follow the “ordinary teachers” path, there are still several ways in which we can teach people the Qur’an daily.


  1. Create a learning circle in your home
    Much of what we learn outside the classroom comes from our homes. Define the teaching of the Quran in your home, so that this circle of knowledge becomes part of your family. You can also do this with your friends!
  2. Volunteer to teach at the local mosque.
    Many mosques will accept the help of someone who has learned religion greatly and this is a good way to teach more people about what you know.
  3. Share your knowledge online
    These days, you can teach people anything on the Internet through blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, etc. Use any of these means to share your knowledge and reach as many people as possible. Think of it as a form of continuous charity. Because even after you leave, people will continue to benefit from the knowledge you have shared online.

Teaching others what we know about the Qur’an and the Sunnah is not just charity work, it is a job that has the capacity to overcome us and earn rewards until Resurrection Day. Because as the Messenger of God said (ﷺ): “When a man dies, his actions end, except for three things: a functioning charity (charity without stopping); useful knowledge, or a descendant of a virtuoso who prays for him “(Riyad Al-Saleheen)

2. Online Quran Tutor improves your knowledge

Imagine your full-time job is to be a Quran teacher. This means that before the semester, you will need at least to plan lesson notes and re-read any part of the Quran that you will study in the classroom.
Every time we teach the Quran regardless of the type of audience, it helps us improve our knowledge as well, especially by how we should prepare for the teaching session.
This is one of the benefits of teaching what you know about the Quran. While you read more to be able to teach better, you undoubtedly learn more on your own.

4. Teaching the Quran helps you to stay consistent

On our journey as trustees of the Qur’an, there is one thing that we must learn, and that consistency is one of the keys to understanding the Qur’an. Whether you memorize Arabic words for the Quran or read the English interpretation, it is the consistency that helps us improve our knowledge.
Consistency also comes in mind when we make it our duty to transfer our knowledge of the Quran to others, as we find ourselves consistent in reading the Quran and learning more about it.

5. Teaching presents us with different perspectives

Some major discussions on issues in Islam have occurred between teachers and their students. Because of some of these discussions, especially among the generations before us, we learned more about Islam. We have come up with different schools of thought that give us a clearer understanding of religion.
A good benefit that we get from teaching the Qur’an comes from the way our understanding of the Qur’an is presented to others. Perhaps they understand an issue differently from our cause and we can learn from it, or perhaps their understanding can explain to us what is wrong with our case and vice versa.

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