Following terms of service and conditions are for those who are registered with any course of Live Quran for kids.

  1. After completion of trails you have to decide whether you to continue with regular classes or not.
  2. You have to pay monthly fee in advance for next month.
  3. Classes will be paused in case of non payment.
  4. Makeup classes are only given to students with less than 5 leaves in a month. 5 or more than 5 are considered to be a paid leave from your end because we can not utilize the time of your teacher for any other student.
  5. We are not bound to entertain any makeup class if a student miss his class for no reason. You have to inform us about your leave so we can arrange make up classes with your teacher.
  6. You can inform us of your leave at our skype addresses or email. Make sure you inform us well ahead of time at least 6 hours to avail makeup classes.
  7. We have all rights to cancel the class of any student who is absent for more than two weeks. No refund will be given in such cases.
  8. Don’t share you phone numbers, emails, address or credit card information with teachers. We are not responsible if your shared and bears a loss.
  9. LIVE QURAN FOR KIDS can change teacher at any time to maintain the quality or to meet the requirements of students.
  10. In case of resignation /termination of teachers. We will serve you by providing you another teacher. We are not responsible for any loss or privacy breach if you keep any contact with your previous teacher. We are also not responsible for words and acts of our employee’s after their termination/resignation.
  11. We can increase the fees of every student by 6-7% at the end of every Georgian calendar.
  12. Fee of students can vary according to the time with respect to terms and policies of service.
  13. No refunds, makeup classes for any holiday in Islamic calendar.
  14. We can change our term and conditions at any time.