QURAN MEMORIZATION FOR KIDS: Memorization of Quran is one of the biggest dreams in the life of every Muslim. Live Quran For Kids is now offering a course that is specially designed to help people memorize Quran. Our well-trained staff and experienced huffaz will guide you all the way to memorizing a certain part of the Quran as a whole. Together with our students, we strive to achieve the best possible results within the limited time frame.

How to Memorize Quran Online?

Retaining the Holy Quran is an otherworldly and physical undertaking. It’s a supernatural occurrence and gift from Allah Sudhanshu WA ta’ala that you’re ready to ingest the Qur’an.

On the off chance that you need to exploit this gift, you ought to be in a situation to get it and in this way endeavor genuinely to accomplish it and endeavor profoundly to get the greatest advantages right now the world from now on.

At Quran Memorization Online one can retain the Quran which implies you or your children will have the option to become familiar with the Quran by heart effectively.

Live Quran For Kids has an excellent encounter of helping understudies to do the Quran online by heart. We realize how an understudy goes section by refrain and progressively prompts the last goal.


In the Muslim people group, the Hafiz who have taken the time and exertion to retain the Quran are probably the most regarded pioneers and educated people. The individuals who have finished this incredible errand are called upon for their recommendation, understanding, and direction.

Remembering the Quran involves a physical, mental, and profound excursion that will fabricate a superior connection between an individual and Allah, just as between an individual and their locale. There is no age or training level essential for a Quran remembrance program. Or maybe, it ought to be attempted by the individuals who need to develop their confidence and receive the rewards right now the following.

Our Quran Memorization Techniques course centers around finishing the retention of the Book of Allah in the briefest time with high exactness and accuracy with teachers who convey at least one Ijazaah. Our educators’ mastery makes Quran remembrance for children and grown-ups the same simpler than endeavoring this extraordinary undertaking alone, or with unfit guides.

Every teacher holds a degree in Islamic history and strict investigations, so the person in question can not just give a more extravagant comprehension through Quran remembrance on the web, yet in addition, help to apply its standards to regular day-to-day existence.

Online Quran Memorization for Kids

The program is isolated into three levels  A, B, and C with two phases for each. For fledglings, the program centers around remembrance through tuning in. As understudies advance, accentuation is moved to retention through perusing the Quran. Eventually, understudies retain the Quran in agreement with the revealed portrayals from Prophet Muhammad.

QURAN MEMORIZATION FOR KIDS: Recollect that the originators of Islam, the prophet and his supporters, remembered and recounted the Quran verbally, going it down through the ages. It was not until Uthmaan, the third caliph, that every blessed expression of the Quran was recorded as a hard copy.

We urge all understudies to painstakingly think about this model, as the historical backdrop of Quranic remembrance can go about as a motivation for those confronting this significant errand.

Course Outline & Teaching Methodology

  • We divide every surah and Ayah into particular parts to make it easier to memorize for students of every age.
  • We divide every surah and Ayah into particular parts to make it easier to memorize for students of every age.
  • We teach different strategies to our students which makes it much easier for them to memorize and keep it in their mind in times of recitation.
  • Constant revision and practice keep track of students’ progress in memorization (Hifz) of Quran al Kareem.
  • Revision of previous lessons on a daily basis.
  • Weekly revisions of previous weeks’ memorization at the end and the start of every week.
  • Tests to keep track of their progress.

Creator Bio

Lisa Zahran is an essayist and publicist who has worked with New York Times top-rated writers and self-awareness associations, for example, Productive Muslim and Mindvalley.

As CCO at Quran Academy, she’s created a transformative digital book that can help make Quran retention simpler and increasingly significant in your everyday life. Experience this digital book in addition to a 14-day preliminary of Quran Companion with the expectation of complimentary today.

On the off chance that you trust you are prepared to take the most testing, however the fulfilling, course of your life, contact IQRA for data on Quran retention for grown-ups and kids. Enlist today.
“All assessments are that of the creator and not really those of the site that it is distributed under.”

“Hifz” or basically retention of the Quran is a fantasy for each Muslim. In any case, most siblings and sisters grumble that because of their day-by-day furious calendars, they don’t have the opportunity to dedicate themselves to the retention of the Quran.

We addressed a few Islamic researchers, a considerable lot of whom had submitted the Quran to memory, and approached them for powerful tips on the best way to ace Quran retention notwithstanding being occupied with both work and family obligations.

The tips they gave (explicitly focused on occupied people) incorporate the accompanying:

Tune in to the understudy remembering the Holy Quran with us: Adam Munshi

We give an exceptionally basic and successful approach for Easy Quran Memorization that an understudy can retain the Quran by giving less time. A school-going understudy can likewise accomplish this incredible undertaking on the off chance that he/she has the assurance and enthusiasm to learn Quran by heart. In-Shaa-Allah. Go along with us to Memorize the Quran program. For detail and a free preliminary class.

Methodology to remember Quran Online:

  • New Memorization ( New Lesson)
  • Newly Memorized Portion ( Sabaqi)
  • Old Memorization Portion

New Memorization ( New Lesson)

This is the measure of new exercise you will remember each day.

Newly Memorized Portion ( Sabaqi)

QURAN MEMORIZATION FOR KIDS: This is the measure of stanzas of the Holy Quran that you’ve retained in the last 20 to multi-days. This part is particularly significant, it’ll decide whether the refrain you have retained will be strong for your life or not.

Old Memorization Portion

QURAN MEMORIZATION FOR KIDS: This is a piece of the Holy Quran you’ve remembered and surveyed for at any rate 20 to 30 days sequentially. The sum you audit and recount to your instructor relies upon the amount of Quran you’ve retained. When you have retained the entire, you’ll be left with the old remembrance as it were. This will proceed for the remainder of their life as keeping it fixed is an incredible duty.

Procedure for Quran Retention Online

QURAN MEMORIZATION FOR KIDS: Toward the beginning, the understudy needs to give 30 minutes to the instructor for class work until 2 sections are retained. At that point, class time is expanded to an hour of the day for 5 days every week. An understudy needs to arrange all his given errands at home in various pieces of days for 60 to 120 minutes. Typically it takes 3 years of a normal understudy to finish remembrance of the Holy Quran on the web yet it shifts from understudy to understudy.


Quran Memorization Course: Learn and retain the Quran precisely with researchers from Al-Azhar University, thinking about one of the most renowned colleges of the Islamic world. Become familiar with the importance of the stanzas and the purposes for uncovering them. Construct your comprehension of Allah’s recitations with the goal that you can apply them to your regular day-to-day existence and epitomize the standards of being a decent Muslim.

Readiness Learn Quran Online 

QURAN MEMORIZATION FOR KIDS: Remembering the Holy Quran necessitates that students embrace a true and productive frame of mind. Online Quran classes can make it simpler and increasingly effective to retain each surah, yet this undertaking despite everything requires center, discipline, and sincere ability to place in the important work.

We prescribe that every understudy pondering how to retain Quran stanza focus on a long-haul plan, as it can take months or even a very long time for total and intensive retention.

Online Quran Memorization Classes: Moreover, the inadequacies of human memory imply that a lot of audits and support will be fundamental. While these are difficulties, we can help with numerous arrangements. IQRA has the instruments required for understudies to succeed.

We offer experienced teachers who see how best to advance. IQRA teachers have the instructive foundation to apply Quranic exercises and standards, giving an important setting that guides retention and lets any Muslim see the estimation of their examinations.

Rise Up Early In the Morning

Be the first to wake up and if conceivable first offer Fajr petitions in the mosque. At the point when you are finished with the early morning petitions, rather than committing your opportunity to paltry exercises like staring at the TV or surfing the web, go through a few minutes retaining the Holy Quran.

Set Realistic Goals and Memorize Less Than You Think You Can

You might be enticed to remember a couple of pages for every day as this is by all accounts a practical objective. Be that as it may, you may before long surrender because of the absence of time. Rather, let down your desires and start by retaining three to five lines every day.

Committing in any event 20 minutes to this sort of remembrance procedure will work for even the busiest people.

Use the Familiarity Technique

At first, as you are heading out to remember the Learn Quran online, you will normally run over new sections. Along these lines, so as to submit them to memory, you can compose five refrains onto a bit of paper and learn them by heart.

Peruse those refrains over and over again throughout the following barely any weeks so as to hold them to memory completely.

Keep Daily Verses Close at Hand

Utilize each extra minute for the duration of the day to peruse and retain the lines of the Quran that you are focusing on in memory. For instance, you may have a few free minutes during the time you are hanging tight for transport, an arrangement at a specialist’s facility, and so forth.

You can keep the rundown of the refrains of the day in your purse or pocket for simple access and allude to them at whatever point you are attempting to recollect what you’re realizing.

Recite What You Memorize In Every Salah

To additionally solidify what you are realizing in memory, you can present regular stanzas in the five everyday supplications. In each, you can switch back and forth between the five refrains you took around the same time or the earlier days.

Track Your Goals

On the off chance that one page of the Quran contains finally 15 lines before the weeks are over you would have retained two pages of the Quran and the example would proceed until you have completely dedicated the Quran to memory.

Also, you can learn to refrain by stanza with interpretation and consider over the implications of the equivalent.

Distraction Free Environment

It is ideal to remember the Quran in a segregated spot with almost no interruption by any means. By guaranteeing that nature hushes up. You will have the option to build a center and along. These lines have the option to hold what you remember.

For instance, as we have prior referenced, early morning retention sessions are extremely successful. In view of the base interruptions around then.

Furthermore, you can kill your mobile phone and PC and spotlight exclusively on the Quran in order to expand considerably.

Review What You Memorize

However many times as could be expected under the circumstances In a Single Day

So as to remember the Quran, it is imperative to amend each refrains you learn. You can utilize the accompanying 3 strategy system to guarantee that you hold all that you have learned:

Start another retention toward the beginning of the day

Amend the lines you learned in the earlier week before you leave on starting new remembrance. The rationale behind this plan is that the most up-to-date remembrance is the one that is frequently overlooked first. Consequently, changing the past parts of the Quran before will end up being a decent warm-up practice for your mind.

Additionally, you will have the option to construct associations. Between the recently retained material and the enhanced one, you are going to remember.

During that day at some other point, modify the material you learned before the past seven days.

Moreover, you can utilize Quran remembrance applications to keep yourself in accordance with your retention objectives.

All in all, you will find that it doesn’t make a difference. How bustling you are, on the off chance that you attempt and execute. With the tips referenced above. You will have the option to remember little bits of the Quran. And in the end total retention over some undefined time frame.

By and by, the way to retain the Quran is consistency, commitment, and difficult work. Additionally, the favors of doing so are colossal, not exclusively. Will your Imaan and taqwa increment, but so will your confidence and certainty?

Learn Quran Online

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