Memorization of the Quran is one of the biggest dreams in the life of every Muslim. Live Quran For Kids is now offering a course(Learn Quran with Urdu translation) which is specially designed to help people memorize Quran. Our well-trained staff and experienced huffaz will guide you all the way to memorize a certain part or Quran as a whole. Together with our students, we strive to achieve the best possible results within a limited time frame.

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Due to the latest technology, we make tutoring easy for everyone. We give the best virtual learning experience to the students. We offer classes of Quran with English translation to the students in countries like the USA – UK – Australia, and more. Our Quran Classes Online is as effective as the face to face classes. The lessons are interactive and in the form of one on one sessions. Our tutors keep on motivating the students to learn the Book of Allah.

Livequranforkids’s Teachers are the best known for the best English translation of Quran.
Our expert Online Quran teacher teach these courses(Quran recitation with Urdu translation) at a convenient time. Hundreds of students enroll in these courses every year. You can also choose online Quran classes in the UK (United Kingdom) and learn at your home. All the Muslims regardless of age can join our online classes. A child of 4 years old and an adult of 60 years can join our online classes easily. We will provide you with a separate teacher for teaching you. You will learn individually with the tutor at the time that you choose.


Quran Memorization Hifz Course

Course Outline & Teaching Methodology

  • We divide every surah and Ayah into particular parts to make it easier to memorize for the student of every age.
  • We divide every surah and Ayah into particular parts to make it easier to memorize for the student of every age.
  • We teach different strategies to our students which makes it much easier for them to memorize and keep it in their mind in times of recitation.
  • Constant revision and practice which keep track of students progress in memorization (hifz) of Quran al Kareem.
  • Revision of previous lessons of a daily basis.
  • Weekly revisions of previous weeks memorization at the end and start of every week.
  • Tests to keep track of their progress.

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