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What is Shirk in Islam? | Learn through Online Quran Classes

Shirk: It is a significant concept in the religion of Islam. It is majorly connected to associating companions with Allah almighty. Therefore, It comes in terms of considering a major sin according to the religion Islam. It must be avoided by Muslims to do so. Why is shirk the biggest sin? It is considered as the biggest sin, as in this way one’s love for Allah almighty diminishes by associating another with his worship. The concept of polytheism is strictly forbidden in Islam. One must have a firm belief in the oneness of Allah almighty and the concept of monotheism.


How to learn to shirk through Quran learning online?

Learning websites for kids provides online Quran classes to learn different topics of the holy Quran and the religion Islam. Kids, Adults as well as beginners, all can register for online Quran classes to learn Quran online. One can take advantage of online Quran teacher to learn and explore religious Islam teachings. Does Allah forgive all sins? Allah almighty forgives all sins, as He is the most merciful. However, one’s intentions must be pure for asking forgiveness and he must be determined to not commit this sin again.

Types of Shirk Learn through online Quran classes

In the Holy Quran, the “Tawhid” is mentioned as the first faith of articles of Islam. One cannot enter the religion of Islam until he fulfills the requirements for accepting the concept of Tawhid. Online Quran classes offer a course for Islamic studies. Hence, one can learn about Tawhid and Shirk through this course via an online Quran teacher. How to take online Quran classes? One just needs to get register for online Quran classes for kids and beginners. Besides that, one just needs a device connected to the internet connection and headphones to learn Quran online.

Regard to the spirit (essence) of Allah almighty

It is a concept, that relies on the fact of believing in the essence of Allah almighty and he is the only Lord and He is eternal.  He is the creator of everything that exists within and outside this universe. Whoever believes in the existence of more than one Allah almighty, does a major shirk. Live Quran for Kids, designs special courses to learn Quran online so that Muslims get aware of their religious duties towards Allah SWT.

Shirk: Regard to attributes (traits) of Allah almighty

This is a concept regarding the acceptance of the positive attributes of Allah almighty. Moreover, His essence is one, not multiple. Hence, the meaning of divine attributes is like divine Eternity, knowledge, and divine power of Allah SWT. What is the first shirk in Islam? The history of shirk comes from the time of nation Hazrat Noah AS when Allah almighty claims the concept of Tawhid (oneness of Allah SWT). However, one can learn Quran online with Tajweed, which one must learn for the accurate recitation of the Quran.

In the form of other words

It is another type of shirk, in which one may ask for something or help other than Allah almighty. However, Allah SWT has control over everything and nothing can be done without His actions. Therefore, one must refugee or seek help from Allah almighty only. The online Quran teacher uses modern ways of learning for making recitation of the Quran easier for kids and beginners. Is Christianity considered shirk? Hence, Christians are the people of the book. However, they are Kafir’s as they do associate Allah the almighty having Hazrat Isa A.S, as His son, which comes under the roof of major shirk.

Minor Shirk

Minor shirk considers having less weight in comparison to major shirks. However, it may take actions or words that may lead to keeping on the path of major shirk. Therefore, must be careful always and try to restrain these actions and words. Furthermore, there are several verses of the glorious Quran ad hadiths concerning to concept of Shirk. Hence, one can learn through the help of the Quran’s verses about shirk from online Quran Classes.

  • To show off worship to gain others’ attention.
  • Believing in superstitious happenings and not believing in Allah SWT.
  • For asking for help from other than Allah SWT.
  • Praising vows for others than Allah almighty.

Further, Islam is not only a religion for religious duties and information. It is a vast religion that covers all the subjects of man’s life. That one can be learned through understanding the Holy Quran. Hence, learn Quran online allows you to have a better understanding of the holy Quran and the concepts of the religion Islam.

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