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Surah Ash Shura Learn from an Online Quran Teacher

Surah Ash Shura: Recitation of the Holy Quran is the words of Allah SWT, which have many virtues. There are a total of 114 surahs in the Quran and each has a different perspective to explain and various lessons for humanity. Therefore, each chapter is unique in its own way. Hence, one must learn to understand the hidden message of Allah SWT behind each verse of the surah. It is a religious book for Muslims and a complete code of life for man’s life. It is the last divine scripture of Allah SWT revealed on our last prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Surah Ash Shura
Surah Ash Shura

Description of Surah Ash Shura

It is the 42nd chapter of the glorious Quran with the order of revelation of 62. Hence, the meaning of the word Ash Shura is “consultation”. It was revealed in the city of Makkah therefore, known as Makki surah of the Holy Quran. This Surah comprises of total 53 ayahs, with five Ruku’s and three Hizb (breaks). It is present in the 25th Para of the Holy Quran.  Why was Surah Ash Shura revealed? It was revealed after giving a warning for those who reject the prophet’s message and then to keep following the truth of the Quran and no other way the accepting Allah’s message.

How to learn recitation of surah Ash Shura?

These days, the best and most modern way is to learn Quran online through online Quran classes. It is one of the most recommendable modes of learning because of the features one can experience. Every Muslim, from any part of the world, can learn Quran online. Live Quran for Kids offers online Quran classes for everyone, wherever they are living. They have a team of online Quran teachers, which help to learn every aspect of the Holy Quran. One can learn recitation of the surahs with Tajweed from a professional online Quran teacher. They also teach Tafseer of the Holy Quran. One can choose from courses upon their need to learn.

Divine Laws of Surah Ash Shura

The name of the surah has been taken from its ayah number 35, where there is mention of the word “Ash Shura”. The surah contains 860 words having a total of 3522 letters. However, the name is taken as a reference, in addition, it contains several other topics for discussion.  What is the other name of Surah Ash Shura? The other name of this surah is also “Ta-Sin-Mim”, and opens with these disjoint letters. One can also learn to memorize surah Ash Shura from a certified online Quran teacher. Live Quran for Kids offers a special course for memorization of the Holy Quran via Learn Quran online.

  • Those people who elevated the creatures of Allah SWt to His levels may be heaven will fall apart on them if angels did not ask for forgiveness for the people of earth from Allah almighty.
  • Religion Islam is also the religion of Prophets Musa, Nuh, Ibrahim, and Isa A.S. They all follow the pathway of Allah almighty and preach the same message.
  • Those who desire life after death will be rewarded while those who oppose Allah’s message for the sake of this life, there is nothing for them in the Last.
  • Whatever people suffer, good or bad, all are just because of their own deeds.
  • The real losers are those people, who are disbelievers of Allah SWT and they will lose on the Day of Judgment.
  • It is the will of Allah almighty, who blesses sons and daughters.

Virtues of recitation of Surah Ash Shura

What does Surah Ash Shura talk about? It discusses the facts of various Prophets and their tribes. The surah talks about how the people destroyed who disbelieve Prophets and threaten them. Are online Quran classes free? Live Quran for Kids offers the most economical online Quran classes for kids and adults, with affordable fee charges. One can select a male or female online Quran teacher to learn Quran online.

  • Whoever recites this surah, his face will shine like a full moon on the Day of Judgment. And then angels will take him to paradise where there will be a palace made up of red rubies as a reward for them.
  • For protection purposes, write this surah on saffron and then keep it with yourself as Taweez. However, one can learn to read and write Arabic from an online Quran teacher.
  • The person who will recite this surah before going on the journey will be kept safe. Through online Quran classes, one will become an expert in the recitation of the surahs with the rule of Tajweed.

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