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Online Quran Classes | Importance of the Hijab or Veil in Islam

Hijab or Veil in Islam: In this fast-moving world, everyone is facing more troubles, a state of confusion, and corruption. However, the solution to every problem is present in the Holy Quran. To find peace in your life, the only source is the glorious Quran. Hence, one of the verses of the Quran said “Find the comfort of hearts, through remembrance of Allah almighty, moreover, Quran is the remembrance of Allah SWT”. Therefore, the Holy Quran is the best source for resolving a kind of problem in one’s life.


How to learn Quran Online?

Several learning websites for kids and beginners are available, to teach online Quran. These institutes arrange online Quran classes for people of every age without any limitations of boundaries of countries and timings. One can learn Quran online easily and conveniently from the comfort of home. Live Quran for Kids; also offer a free trial for online Quran classes, so one can get satisfied with learning from an online Quran teacher.

Hijab or Veil in Islam | Learn via online Quran teacher

The word Hijab is an Arabic word that is derived from the word “Hajaba”. It means “to hide” or “to conceal”. However, in present society, it is considered for Muslim women to cover themselves or wear a dress as a veil. It is a representation of religious and cultural values. Does the Quran say to wear a veil? According to Quranic verses, Muslim women should lower their gaze and guard their modesty. Muslim women should not show off their beauty by drawing veils. What is the use of the veil in Islam? Muslim women wear a veil or hijab to represent a symbol of piety. One may start to wear a hijab for increasing spirituality and religious awareness.

Why do Muslim women wear hijabs?

The answer to this question is that Allah almighty orders them to cover their bodies and veil. Moreover, covering your beauty is for protecting yourself and honoring rather than a concept of suppression. It protects the women from the dirty gazes of men (which are na-mehram). The example of wearing hijab is like a tile of gold that is safer while hidden or unsafe while exposed. Moreover, women can take more information regarding wearing a hijab or a veil, and its concepts mentioned in the Holy Quran from online Quran teacher.

Which surah talks about the veil?

There are more than 6000 verses of the Holy Quran, which teach lessons regarding the veil. However, one ayah commands specifically for enforcing Muslim women to cover their bodies and wear hijab. In chapter 24, ayah number 32, in which Allah says “Say to believe women that they must restrain their eyes, and should guard their private parts as well. And not to show off their beauty and cover their head over their bosoms and not embellishments.

Learning online Quran from an online Quran teacher

There are various aspects of living, for which one need guidance. Therefore, the Holy Quran is the best source for every problem or solution. In the above discussion, the purpose of wearing the Hijab is been explained in the light of the Quran’s teachings. Similarly, one may also get a solution for every trouble they are facing. There are many benefits to online Quran classes, some of which are discussed below

Easily Accessible

This mode to learn Quran online is easily accessible, as one can approach an online Quran teacher from any country of the world.

Flexible timings

One can easily attend online Quran classes for Kids at any time according to their convenience and availability. One can take online Quran classes for kids and themselves to their country’s native timings.

Free Trial

Live Quran for kids, is a learning website for kids. They offer online Quran classes for kids and beginners. You can try their free trial for online Quran classes to get satisfied with how they teach online Quran.

Highly qualified online Quran teacher

One is an experience of professional behavior for learning, as the live Quran for kids and adults has a team of certified online Quran teachers for learn Quran online.

Quranic & Islamic courses.

The learning websites for kids and beginners also do provide customized courses for teaching Quran and the religion of Islam. One can learn the basics of Islamic studies, which include articles of belief, pillars of Islam, social and cultural values, laws, Hijab for women, etc.

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