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Quran Academy: The Noble Quran is the divine script from Allah. It comprises of total 114 surahs of descending length which are further divided into 30 equal parts for the ease of binding and reading known as “Para” or “Juz”.  The message of the Quran is the key to heaven. It gives us lessons of moral guidance, prayers, prophet’s stories, laws of society, cultural values, etc. The discussion of today’s article is about the 20TH chapter of the Quran known as “surah Taha”.

First of all, every true Muslim must read and recite Quran. To fulfill this duty, one must approach some authentic way to learn Quran and understand its meaning.  Various Quran academies exist, that make you learn Quran online. For example, Quran Academy Iqra Quranic provides online Quran classes with the mission to make Quran learning accessible for every Muslim around the globe.

Quran Academy
Quran Academy

Surah Taha | Description

It is revealed to the prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) by Allah in the city of Makkah, therefore is known as Meccan surah. The word Taha is made up of two disjoined letters “Ta” and “Ha”. It is one of the titles of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). It is present in the 16 and 17 Juz of the Quran. There are 135 verses in this surah with an order of revelation 45. There are a total of 1177 words having 5093 letters.

Surah Taha | Gist

It mostly deals with the subject matter of the origination and resurrection of mankind like other Makki surahs. Surah Taha is the only chapter that explains the story of Hazrat Moses AS in detail (almost 80 ayahs of this surah explain it). It also explains the attributes of Allah and the generosity of the Holy Quran. In addition, it also discusses the story of satan and how he make tempted Adam AS and Eve to eat fruit from the forbidden tree. In the last verses, it advises the readers of the Quran. Quran Academy designed Quranic courses for online Quran classes. One can choose from these courses to learn Quran online.

Famous ayahs of surah Taha

What is the reflection of Surah Taha? This surah interpretation of signs of Moses’ desire to meet His Allah almighty and intention of His love for Allah to run to meet Him. What does Taha mean? The meaning of the word “Taha” is the high level of “purest”.  Each ayah of this surah explains different aspects that you can learn through online Qura teachers.

Verses number 25 to 32, explain the prayer of Hazrat Moses before Allah almighty had sent Him in front of Pharaoh. Though, Allah almighty answers His prayers and requests (which is for the expansion of patience so that He may perform His duties well).

Ayah number 124 of surah Taha, is another famous verse because of the fear of having miserable life for those who do not believe in life after death and the day of judgment. As such people do not think of life after death, which is the permanent life of the future. However, those who believe in Allah are free of all such kinds of worries. Moreover, the full details of each ayah with meaning and Tafseer can be explored through online Quran classes for Kids.

Surah Taha | Advantages of recitation

Recitation of surah taha may become the source of a lot of blessings for those who recite it properly. Quran was revealed in the Arabic language, hence everyone needs to learn the basics of Arabic to recite Quran in it correct way. For this purpose, online Quran teachers are facilitated by Quran Academy: Iqra Quranic to make you fluent in reading Quran with Tajweed rules. What is the other name of Surah Taha? It is also known as “Kalim” which comes from the title of Moses and His talk to Allah almighty.

Reawrd as equal to Muhajirun & Ansar

On the Day of Judgement, whoever will recite this surah with pure intentions, will get a reward equal to that of Muhajirun and Ansars.

Acceptance of marriage proposal

The person who writes this surah takes it along with him/her in a piece of green cloth. To a marriage proposal, their proposal will be accepted.

Ease in Marriage

Whoever writes this surah, then wash it with clean water. Then use this water to wash their faces, in this way Allah will make ease in their marriage.

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