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Verse of the Throne to Learn Quran Online

Learn Quran Online: Ayatul Kursi or the verse of crown, is the 255th verse of surah Al-Baqara. This surah is named after our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAWW and it is considered the master of all verses. We all know that it is the most important of all surah because of its salient features. Whenever someone feels sad, depressed, and especially afraid, we always think of the recitation of this surah. The importance and virtues of Ayatul Kursi can be seen in many Hadiths by the prophet Muhammad SAWW. Almost all Muslims around the globe memorize this surah in their hearts.

Every Muslim wishes to learn and memorize the Quran. So, they get to know the teachings of Allah and the prophet Muhammad SAWW. So, they can follow the path of Allah, to lead a life. According to the rules and instructions by Allah given in the last holy book Quran. It was revealed over the time of 23 years by Jibril A.S. Iqra Quranic Academy is the best-recommended way to learn online Quran learning websites for kids.

Revelation of Ayatul Kursi

In the beginning, the polytheists start to worship idols other than Allah, and along with others, even a time came. When they forgot Allah ad His teachings and completely start to worship idols of their own. Then, at this time there was the need to declaration of only one Allah. However many verses were revealed before which stated the oneness of Allah. But then the Ayatul Kursi was revealed for the same purpose, which declares the existence of only one Allah and unity.

The Ayatul Kursi reveals the supreme power of Allah that is gathered in these verses. These are the verses, in which the attribute and names of Allah have been mentioned the most times. Learning websites for kids makes you kids memorize the Ayatul Kursi through an online Quran teacher.

It comprises a deep meaning with the explanation to describe the oneness of Allah and that there is no other power than Him. Ayatul Kursi describes the spectacular power and glory of Allah almighty. There are seventeen times when the name of Allah has been mentioned in the Ayatul Kursi. And also sic of the main traits of Allah are mentioned in these verses, which includes the Al-Haya (life-giver), al-Ilm (knowledge), al-Qudrah (power), al-Iradah (will of Allah), al-wahdaniyyah (oneness of Allah), and al-Takwin (originating). If someone wan to explore more about the Ayatul Kursi, they can seek help from their online Quran teachers during attending online Quran classes.

Ayatul Kursi: Advantages

As it teaches the lessons to believe in the ones of Allah, hence one can save themselves from doing Shirk. He is the absolute master of the creator of earth and Heavens. Allah Almighty is free from the limitations that usual lives have. No one has the right to intercede in His kingdom. To believe in the oneness of Allah is the most important aspect to become a Muslim and in the articles of faith of the Islamic belief system.

Learning online Quran is more suitable than the traditional way of learning the Quran as one can attend online Quran classes anywhere, regardless of the place or region. One can learn Quran online most appropriately and more simply through online Quran teachers.

Safety of Allah

The person who recites the Ayatul Krsi at the start of the day (morning), will be in the shield of protection of Allah throughout the day, until the day ends (night). One can learn the Ayatul Kursi with proper rules of Tajweed through online Quran classes. Similarly, whoever recites these verses at night, before going to sleep, will also be in the safety of Allah till morning came.

Safety from Shaitaan

If you want to keep your kids and yourself safe from the shadow of Shaitaan, you should write the Ayatul Kursi on white paper, and keep it hanging around your neck. You can also take help in this regard from online Quran teachers to learn Quran online. They will make you learn more about how to acknowledge the benefits of these verses.

Ayatul Kursi as Hadiya

If someone recites the Ayatul Kursi for their loved ones, who have passed away, these verses will be presented to them as Hadiya and will become the source of light for them in their graves. Whoever recites the Ayatul Kursi frequently, their death will become easier for them. Learn Quran online, through learning websites for kids and adults as well, to make you learn Quran with Tajwedd. And one can also learn the Tafseer of the whole Quran from a team of certified online Quran teachers.

Before leaving Home

Whoever recites the Ayatul Kursi, before going outside home, Allah almighty will send a group of Angels for his protection and if he recites it twice, two groups of angels will be assigned for the same purpose of safety and protection. And, if he recited these verses thrice, then Allah almighty takes the responsibility of his protection by Himself. The best feature provided by Learn Quran Online for kids is that one can choose from a wide range of Quran courses to learn with the help of online Quran teachers.

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