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Learn Quran Online
Learn Quran Online


Learn Quran online: As Quran is the primary source of a book for success and the Quran is the most influential holy book. It contains all subjects of life regarding good human beings, worship, doctrine, law, etc. Quran revealed to our beloved last prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAWW through the angel Gabriel in Arabic.  Quran is divided into 114 chapters, which are the words of Allah.

It contains the foundation of every aspect of life for example politics, Islamic law, religion, etc.  Sometimes we go through tough times in life. When we feel almost empty, depressed; confused this is a time when we needed the miracle of the holy book Quran. Which guides us in proper ways to get out of problems and our purpose of living in this world. Every Muslim must learn and recite Quran on daily basis.

Reasons to learn Quran Online

Learning Quran has unlimited or uncountable advantages not only in this life but also in we will be rewarded

Source of guidance

  • Quran is the source of guidance for all who want to achieve it. In many verses of the Quran Allah SWWT said:
  • “It is a source of Guidance for mankind, which leads them to the right path”.
  • It will help you to guide the right direction in which you have to follow to speed up life according to the rules set by Allah.

To understand the purpose of existence

Quran directs us to the reason for our existence to come into this world. The Quran will give the commands on how to spend life to please Allah. Serve our lives in the way of Allah. It will let u know how this earth was created. How humans were created by Allah, etc.

Information regarding religion Islam

Islam is the true religion, which not only guides you regarding Islam. But will also give information for other prospects of everyday life issues. The Holy Quran is the pure and unchanged word by Allah until now nothing changed in this holy book 1400 years ago.

Methods to Learn Quran Online

There are two basic ways by, which one can Learn Quran Online, the traditional or old method. In the former, one can learn Quran online by visiting a mosque or madrassa nearby or Qari at home. The other new way by which one can learn Quran Online is by taking Quran classes online through the E-learning method at online Quran Classes. In this new era of Technology, one can utilize technology to learn Quran online. Many different sources are available to learn Quran online via different apps available or through taking admission to an online Quran academy.

Learn Quran online

  • To learn Quran online: is the easiest and cheapest way as compared to the traditional way. For many Muslims who live abroad or in those countries where there is not possible to visit mosques or madrassas to learn the Quran because of the unavailability or distance issues, learning the online Quran is the best way for them to learn Quran online.
  • The second best reason to take online Quran classes is for those who are working male or female and are unable to attend mosques to learn the Quran because of time management, the online Quran Academy suit them the best.
  • This system of learning the online Quran is also suited for women who are housewives and cannot go to madrassas, they can take online Quran classes for their ease.

Advantages of learning the Quran online

Following are the benefits to learn Quran online by taking online Quran classes via online Quran Academy.

Learning of Quran online is cost-effective

In foreign countries, it is costly to hire Quran tutors due to the inefficiency of tutors available, because mosques or madrassas learn Quran Online are constructed at distant places in some cities so they have to travel far for this reason, that’s why Learning Quran online eases their life’s. So taking admission to online Quran classes through registration at an online Quran Academy are beneficial or cost-efficient for them.

Flexible timings of online Quran classes

Learning Quran has many benefits, one of them being the customization of your schedule in which one can choose his/her time and days according to availability and convenience. This feature suits most of them who are working people. Online Quran Academy also provides 24/7 hours services to make it possible for every Muslim to learn Quran online by attending online Quran classes at any time in any part of the world.

Online Quran Classes facilitate safety & security

As parents, we always look for convenient ways for our child’s safety first, online learning Quran makes it easier for parents to watch their kids taking online Quran classes under their supervision.  It is also easy to keep the focus on your child’s learning behavior and attend Quran classes online.

Tutors for online Quran classes

Online Quran Academy provides a team of Quran tutors who are highly university graduates and well trained and well experienced to make learning the Quran online easier for kids as well as for adults who are just beginners by introducing new innovative ideas to make online Quran classes attractive. Another Option for choosing a male or female teacher is also available.

Online Quran Classes for everyone

One-to-one classes conducted to learn Quran online. This service is available for everyone, including kids and adults regardless of their age group.  Another benefit of learn Quran online is that only one student interacts with a single tutor so it gets more attention towards the learning process.

Courses offer by online Quran classes

Following are the some of different courses offered by the online Quran Academy for online Quran classes.

Norani Qaida online Quran classes

This course Offer to study Norani Qaida in online Quran classes to learn about the Arabic language, which is the base language of the Quran, Its letter recognition, and learning of pronunciation of each alphabet.

Quran memorization for online Quran classes

This course is designed for those who have a keen interest in learning and memorization of Quran in their hearts to purify their souls, the one who memorizes Quran becomes Hafiz.

Islamic studies course for online Quran classes

In this course, you will be able to learn the basics of Islam which include how to perform Salah and its rules, what Sunnah is, lectures regarding Hadiths, the history of Islam as well, etc.

Recommendation for the best online Quran academy

Following are the two best online Quran Teacher running and providing their services to learn Quran online with the easiest and most affordable packages.

  • iQuran School
  • livequranforkids

Quran translation by online Quran classes

If you want to the meaning of the Quran by learning the translation of each verse of the Quran to know. What it is meant for and what teachings have to be learned from that verse via online Quran Classes for kids.

Many other courses are also available from various online Quran Academy websites.

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