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Online Quran Classes | Learn Quran Online by Quran Academy

Online Quran Classes: Quran is the holy book of Allah, which is the most valuable source of guidance for every Muslim.  It is a handbook, which is a source of lessons to spend life, morality lessons, and spirituality to make Muslim’s life to spend with ease. Quran gives us commandments on how to live life according to the teachings of Allah. It is a religious obligation for every Muslim to learn Quran. It is a direct barrier or connection by which one can make a bond with Allah.

Online Quran Classes
Online Quran Classes

Learn Quran online in the USA

Reading or recitation of Quran creates peace of mind and soul.  This modern era of technology has changed every aspect of life these days as they were in the past. This tremendous change in technology brings closeness and makes it more socially and easier to access anything within or outside the range.  In traditional methods, one learned Quran by going to mosques or madrassas nearby or by Qari at home. Nowadays because of internet technology, one can learn Quran online easily at home or within its personal space through online Quran classes at available online websites institutes.  Learn Quran online is the easiest and most convenient method to Quran learn online.

Learning Quran online is just an easier way as you just have to do every procedure just by sitting at home or in your personal space by registering for an online Quran class through different institutes’ online payments etc.  Different Quranic applications or academies are available these days which are easily in access for everybody regardless of the country in which one lives, it is easily accessible to every part of the globe to Quran learn online.

Features to learn Quran online

 Features to learn Quran online through different available apps are:

  • Firstly, such apps must have a learning system, which taught y word-by-word method system, for Quran to learn online.
  • Secondly, in addition, these apps should also have transliteration to learn Quran online. Such apps make it easier for everyone to learn Quran online.
  • Thirdly these apps for Quran learning online are effective way and these apps should also contain an audio recitation option which makes listening easier while learn Quran online.
  • Fourthly and lastly, Quranic apps also have the option for translation of verses of the Quran to make Quran learning online easier.

Online Quran classes by online Quran academy

To Quran learn online makes every Muslim’s life easier, especially for those Muslims who live abroad, and do not have access to mosques or madrassas there to learn Quran.  Also including those working Muslims including both males and females, do not have time to go to mosques for learning of Quran, this system of online Quran Academy is much more appropriate for them to learn Quran online as well for women who are housewives and difficult for them to go outside for Learning of Quran.

Features for online Quran classes

Features for online Quran classes by Online Quran institutes

Firstly, an online Quran class conducts one-to-one online class sessions so the students can get full attention from the Quran tutors with more listening attention.

Online Quran classes are available with a 24/7 hours service to every country of the world so one can get to Quran learn online at their respective timings and convenience.

One of the best features of online Quran classes for kids is they also offer a free trial of classes for a limited time by the Quran institutes. Which are free of cost. Learning Quran online is a cost-effective method of learning the Quran as one does not have to spend expenses on traveling. In addition, these online Quran schools provide different affordable packages for Quran learning online.

Quran Academy conducted by Online Quran Classes

Online Quran classes conducted by various institutes, make the learning of the Quran with new innovative and interactive methods to make their lectures interesting for students, especially for kids and new beginners.

To Quran learn online, they also use a whiteboard system, along with parental control by providing progress reports of online Quran classes by kids via monthly assessments. This feature suits best the parents to keep an eye on their kid’s learning.

Online Quran classes provided by online Quranic institutes also have a broad range of teachers to select from as they have a team of highly skilled and professional teachers, which are well experienced and are certified tutors from various Islamic universities trained in their respective fields of courses for the Online Quran Teachers.

Information about Quran Academy

Online Quranic websites offer different courses related to Quran studies according to one’s need to learn. They offer Norani Qaida to Quran learning classes, which taught the basics of the Arabic language, including its alphabet recognition and pronunciation of each letter to make the learning of the Quran easy. Online Quran classes for Quran memorization are also available, on different online websites, where one can learn or memorize Quran in their hearts and souls to become Hafiz.

They also provide service of online Quran classes for learning a course named Islamic studies in which one can learn the basics of Islam for example how to offer Salah, Sunnah, and hadiths, etc. online Quran classes also offer courses related to Translation of the Quran and Tajweed-ul Quran course. Online Quran institutes also provide Quranic material for example Tajweed rules, Norani Qaida, etc on their websites so one can have access to learn Quran online.

Another major advantage of online Quran classes to learn the Quran online is that one can customize a timetable for learning Quran by setting days and times according to his/her availability and can have flexible timings for Quran learn online.


Learn Quran online has various advantages over the traditional method of learning the Quran with the new era of technology.

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