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Quran Learn Online: Surah Waqi’a has great importance and has unlimited blessings from its recitation. It is at the 56th position in the chapters of the Holy Quran. The main portion I related to is the Last Days. There is a total of 96 verses in this surah, with 379 total words, and a total of letters 1756. With an approximate revelation time of 615 AD to  616 AD. The main topics comprise of explanation of the last Day, with three different groups of people. The first one is about the forerunners with the best rewards, blessings for the people of the right hand. Punishments announce for the people of the left hand, and the creator of all things is Allah. Through the way of Quran learn online, you can explore more about the blessings of recitation of this surah.

Description of Surah Waqi’a

The verse number from one to seven, the illustration about the Last Day, including rewards. Among the groups of three people, is mentioned above. In ayahs, numbers 10 to 26, the rewards and blessings for the forerunners. Include the woven thrones, young servants, various fruits and drinks, the meat of different birds, and a spouse with a fair complexion having larger eyes.

Ayah numbers 27 to 40, describes the people of the right hand which will have trees of lote without thorns, layered fruits of many kinds, high thrones, virgins having equal age factor, and shades of extension. Verses 41 to 56 comprise the description of the punishments for the people of the left hand, they will suffer from fire, boiling of hot water, shades of black smoke, they will have thirst like thirsty camels, etc. Online Quran classes are cost-effective as livequranforkids offer moderate fees for their online Quran teachers to learn Quran online. One can also save travel expenses as one can learn Quran online at home.

Ayahs numbers 57 to 72, explain that Allah has created us, it is the supreme power of Allah who changes everything for you and you do not have the power to change anything. Verses, 75 to 79 include the description of the Swearing of settings of the stars, in the well-protected holy book Quran. And in the last verses, number 83 to 96 includes the truth about the above-mentioned discussion and its certainty.

Lessons from Surah Waqi’a

On the day of judgment, the following will be the situation that one will see

  • Doomsday scenario
  • Earth will be shaken
  • The huge mountains will be destructed and changed into dust particles
  • And human beings will be divided into three major groups.

Before the happening of all this, the believers of Allah will face death and the nonbelievers will suffer and face hardships in life. Then the dead will be alive again and decisions will be made upon what they have done in life, whether they deserve to be in paradise or hell. And those people who disbelieve and disobey Allah will straightly go to hell. Finally, The main feature of online Quran classes is that one can choose a time and day according to their availability to learn Quran online.

Advantages of recitation of Surah Waqi’a

Reading and recitation of surah Waqi’a has unlimited advantages one can earn.  The following are discussed here

Defense from Poverty:

The one will never face poverty if he/she will recite the surah Waqi’a once at night.

Wealth Source:

The person who reads it fourteen times after the prayer of Asr will get a lot of wealth.

Source to become cash Rich:

If you want to become rich within a single year, then recite this surah three times after the Fajr prayer in the morning and three times after the Isha prayer at night.

Successful Business:

If one recites it 41 times in a single sitting, his/her business will increase by the blessings of Allah.

For a sick person:

If someone recites it at the side of the sick person, inshallah he will recover from the pain.

Online Quran teachers will let you know more about the benefits of this surah. In their online Quran classes for Kids, one can learn to recite surah Waqi’a with the rules of Tajweed. Learn Quran online is a safe and secure way. one can also select options for male or female online Quran teachers.

Brief Conclusion

It is a source of becoming wealthy. It also included a warning for those people who disobey and disagrees with the teachings of Allah, and they will not get a second chance for repentance of their sins. And on the Day of Judgement, there will be no mercy for Him, and they will have to pay for their sins. Moreover, it also deduces that the fear of death is enough for those who believe in Allah, to keep them on the right track. As everything that Allah has created will reach to end expect the life after death that will remain always living.

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