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Online Quran Classes for Kids: The holy book Quran is the divine script for all Muslims around the globe. Hence, it is our duty to learn the Quran and make it a compulsion of learning the Quran to our family. It is the sole source of guidance that one must consider for every aspect f their life. As Muslims, it is our duty to apply the teachings of the Quran to our daily life routine, and also do recitation of the Holy Quran regularly for earning the blessings of Allah.

How to learn Quran with convenience?

There are two ways of learning the Quran, either you choose to get Quran education from the traditional way or may select to learn Quran online. Moreover, the latter way of learning the Quran is the best as it has lots of advantages over the traditional mode. Several different academics are there to offer online Quran classes with the best of services.

The most advanced feature to learn Quran online is that it is easily accessible to everyone, wherever the students are living. Secondly, one can choose timings for their Online Quran Classes for Kids as well. One does not need to do preparations before attending sessions, you can learn at home with convenience from online Quran teachers.

Advantages to learn Quran online

How can I learn Quran online? One can look for Quran classes near me by different websites like live Quran for kids etc. They offer online Quran classes for kids, adults, and beginners. One just needs a device connected to the internet and a headset for attending online Quran classes. The following are the benefits of choosing to learn the Quran online

Customized timings

You can have the option to customize your plan for attending online Quran classes. One can set time and select days according to their availability and timings.

Wide range of Quran Courses

Live Quran for Kids, offers a variety of courses related to Quran education and Islamic studies. One can learn recitation of the Holy Quran with Tajweed, you can learn Tafseer or translation of the Quran. Online Quran teachers also teach Arabic tutoring for those who are beginners and want to learn Quran online. Through Islamic studies, one can get awareness concerning the important aspects of religion, for example offering Salah, sawm, etc.

Affordable charges

It is the most economical way to learn Quran online. They offer cost-effective Online Quran Classes for Kids.  They offer easy payment methods. One can also save fuel charges as you do not need to travel for learning purposes. As you can look for Quran classes near me by searching for Quran academies.

Holy Month of Dhul-Qa’dah through Learn Quran online

Online Quran classes not only concentrate on teaching Qurane education only, but they also emphasize other particular features of Islam and the Quran. The holy month of Dhul-Qa’dah meaning is “the month of possessor”. It means to stay sitting inside and forbidden to go outside for fight purposes. What is the sacred month of Dhul Qadah? It is the 11th month according to the Islamic calendar of Hijri and is also considered one of the four sacred months said by Allah (SWT).

Why Dhul-Qa’dah is special historically?

However, fighting is forbidden in this holy month, from a historical perspective as Pilgrimage have to travel for Hajj, so they can visit Kabbah without worrying about war or banditry. The following are the characteristics of the Holy Month of Dhul-Qa’dah:

  • Fighting is forbidden in this holy month by the Allah almighty.
  • During the sacred months, our deeds for good, and evil carries more weight.

Online Quran teachers teach tips for increasing your good deeds. Moreover, they also help the student to develop their characters according to the features set by Allah almighty, to become a good Muslim.

  • Do not harm others
  • Do take care of yourself
  • Do offer a prayer of Ishraq (after sunrise)
  • Observes Fasting (Sunnah)
  • Read Holy Quran as much as you can

Through online Quran classes, you can explore the religion of Islam, its importance, and how to apply perspectives of the Quran in daily life. You can learn how to seek forgiveness in the month of Dhul-Qa’dah through an online Quran teacher.

  • Do pray to Allah almighty for asking forgiveness.
  • Before asking for forgiveness from Allah, do recite some Tasbih.
  • Give charity and keep helping needy people.
  • Do recitation of surah Mulk every day.

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