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Online Quran Classes USA: Surah Ibrahim is the 14th chapter of the Noble Quran and it was revealed on Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in the city of Makkah. The name of this surah is because several times are mentioning of Hazrat Ibrahim and His children in the verses. It also contains the subjects of Qiyamah, Tawhid, the narrative of Hazrat Ibrahim AS, and how He builds the Kabba.  It also explains the stories of Prophet Moses, Noah, and Bani Israel nations. There is also a discussion of tribes Ad and Thamud.

Iqra Quranic is an online organization that provides the facility t learn Quran online through expert online Quran teachers. They provide their service via online Quran classes USA, UK, Europe, and almost all counties around the globe. As learning the Quran is an essential duty for every Muslim so they must know the miracles and guidance of Allah almighty, which He described through the Quran surahs. They provide several Quran courses, which one can select for getting Quran and Islamic education.

Surah Ibrahim | Descritpion

It is the 14th surah of the Holy Quran with a total of 52 verses or ayahs. It is classified as Makki surah and is placed in the 13th Juz of the holy Quran with an order of revelation 72 number. There are 833 words in this surah with a total of 3541 letters. For learning more details of this surah, one can take help from online Quran teachers.

The Essence of Surah Ibrahim

The significant discussion in this surah is the issue of monotheism or Tawhid, which is the main aim of prophets to preach the message of believing in the oneness of Allah and to worship Him only. In Surah Ibrahim, its verses tell how prophets invited their nations for Tawhid and how disbelievers make strategies against the prophets. How they rejected the message of prophets and threatened them. It also claims the punishments for those disbelievers and how they will taste the fire of hell. Abroad, there are fewer opportunities for Muslims to get aware of their religious teachings and Quranic education, these online Quran classes USA, UK, etc make their life easier.

Surah Ibrahim | Advantages of Recitation

Recitation for Surah Ibrahim has lots of advantages that one can earn. If someone wants to memorize this surah, they can learn it from online Quran teachers. As learn Quran online offers a variety of Quran and Islamic courses for kids, and adults.

Rewarded Ten Times

Whoever recites this surah, Allah almighty will reward him ten times that equal to idolaters and non-idolaters. One can learn the recitation of surah with the rules of Tajweed from online Quran teachers.

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For Childs relieve

Whoever wrote this surah on white paper and attach it to the child’s clothes, it will make the child get relieved from crying, and fear and easily be weaned off and other things that disturb kids. One can learn Arabic through online Quran classes.

Relieve pain in Joints

Whoever recites surah Ibrahim with pure intentions, will get relief from joint pain. Learn Quran online offers every Muslim the to get Quran education by sitting at home in an easy manner of learning.

Surah Ibrahim| Famous verses

One of the most famous of this surah is verse number seven, in which you are directed to say thanks (by saying Al-Humdullilah) for the blessings of Allah almighty has provided you. It is the way by which one can also increase their blessings by saying just one word. Moreover, if someone will be ungrateful, he will be punished for this act by Allah. Each verse of the surah has a different subject for discussion one can learn Quran online for kids.

In verse number 31, it states about doing charity in secret and openly.  Allah mentioned doing alms-giving (zakat) and performing Salah (prayer). These both are among the five pillars of Islam, that every Muslim must perform to fulfill their religious obligations. Online Quran teachers will not only learn Quran online but will also help their Muslim students to get more awareness regarding their religious duties to perform. In this ayah, it is also mentioned that doing charity in secret has more rewards. Than doing openly or to show off. However, one can do zakat in whatever way they like, while doing openly or secretly have rewards.  Online Quran classes for Kids USA, UK, Europe, UAE, and other countries, have an option for selecting time and days. According to their convenience and native timings.

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